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Tasty Tale

Tasty Tale brings match-3 cooking fun to Facebook and your mobile device! Put on your chef's hat and dive into the colorful world of delicious dishes combined with fun and addictive match-3 puzzle adventure gameplay. Meet well-known fairy tale characters, like Snow White, Pinocchio or the Three Little Pigs as clients in your restaurant and serve them with their favorite dishes. Complete recipes to unlock more restaurants and show your cooking skills to even more fairy tale costumers. Experience over 100 levels of different tasty challenges!

Tasty Tale: Easy to learn, hard to master

Getting started in Tasty Tale is really easy. You visit your first restaurant and your fairy tale clients tell you, which dishes you should cook. You fulfill the goals for each recipe by matching 3 ingredients on the game board. The higher your dish score after completing a recipe is, the faster you can serve additional clients that day. You can also get powerful boosters, that help you reaching your goals faster and easier to get even higher scores. While you progress through the levels and dishes of a restaurant, the goals for the recipes get more and more challenging - but also more fun!

Tasty Tale: Delicious fun for you and your friends

Cooking in Tasty Tale is even more fun, when you share your experience with your Facebook friends! Help each other out to get additional clients per day or compete with them for the highest score on the ranking list of your dishes! Share your dish scores or new clients, and compare your progress in Tasty Tale with your Facebook friends to show them, who the real chef is!

Tasty Tale: Cooking fun for Facebook, Android and iOS

Cook wherever you want! Tasty Tale is not only available for Facebook, you can even play it on your mobile Android and iOS devices. Just visit the Google Play Store or the Appstore for iOS to enjoy cooking in Tasty Tale anytime, anywhere!